We are a not for profit hobby group located in Knoxville, Tennessee. KO is dedicated to fostering the love, enjoyment, and education of the night sky to its members and the community. We participate in various public events to educate and share the field of astronomy with others. We are about sharing the fun of astronomy and helping beginners develop their enjoyment of the night sky.

  The priority of KO is star parties. Observing, photographing and learning the night sky are the biggest joys of amateur astronomy. We have star parties virtually every weekend, weather permitting. Our star parties have many helpful, smiling people who are eager to share their knowledge and views through their telescopes. Most of our star parties are held at dark locations around the East Tennessee area.

  Our meetings are supplements to our star parties. The meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the North Side Christian Church, at 7:00pm.  We have fun programs that inspire everyone's love of the night sky. Most of our meetings are hands on workshops such as, collimating a Newtonian, preparing star charts on the computer, planning observing sessions, enhancing images, astrophotography, and many other topics. We also have guest speakers that give presentations on all aspects of astronomy. At each meeting, we set aside at least a half hour for social time and refreshments. We believe this is very important to foster friendships and a close camaraderie within the club. We truly believe in having fun and working together to enjoy astronomy.


We sincerly hope you'll join us...