Star Parties


Star parties are a great way to discover the wonders of the night sky as a group. They are an opportunity to explore the universe away from city lights with the safety of numbers. Our star parties are always free, and everyone is welcome to come. You don’t need to be a member or even own a telescope. They are the best way to view through many different telescopes and ask questions. We are always eager to share and help.

We do have suggestions to follow to ensure safety and fun for all:

  • Lights are the nemesis of photographing and viewing the night sky. Please avoid white light from flashlights, cars, phones, or computer screens. Red light helps preserve night vision. Please bring a red light flashlight and cover your phone or computer screen with red film.

  • Bugs, be gone! It is important to keep biting, pesky bugs away for health and comfort. Please spray before arrival or spray well away from telescopes. Bug spray is hard to clean off expensive optics.

  • For safety of members and telescopes, try to arrive before or at sunset. Blinding headlights can ruin photos and night vision. Turning out your lights and trying to park is risky, as well. Arriving early will allow you to view telescopes in the daylight, watch the sunset and relax into the evening.